Perle Premium Fruity Cider

Val De Rance

Perle Premium Fruity Cider

Origin: Brittany, France
Volume: 750ml
ABV: 3%
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The Champagne of Cider developed to enhance any celebration. This premium cider with its fine bubbles has a golden crystalline colour and slightly acidulous aromas with subtle floral and citrus notes. This Premium Cider was developed by our Cellar Master from high quality cider apples, including the ancestral Guillevic variety, which in the Breton tradition delivers this Perle de Cidre. 

Our fine and light, delicately fruity Pearl of Cider Fruité is the work of our Cellar Master, who has put the Guillevic, an ancestral Breton cider apple variety, at the heart of this cider. On the palate, it is an effervescence of delicate aromas and new flavours, with pleasantly acidic notes. This cider, with its unique blend, is perfect when sharing sweet treats. 

Pearl of Cider Fruit will enhance your desserts, whether chocolate or fruity, and improve your party ideas. 

ABV 3%