Organic Apple & Raspberry Sparkling Juice

Val De France

Organic Apple & Raspberry Sparkling Juice

Origin: Brittany, France
Volume: 750ml
ABV: 0%
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Non Alcoholic Cider / No Added Sugar / Vegan / Gluten Free!

Drink the best from France with these premium non-alcoholic sparkling juices presented in a festive, traditional French Champagne bottle.

Val de France is a natural and low calorie drink which has a great taste of crisp, fresh apples.

These sparkling juices are Organic, GMO free, with No additives Added Sugar.

Choose from 5 flavours including Apple, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Peach or Pear.

Simply chill and pop the cork for a festive and effervescent drink to serve at parties, gatherings and celebrations – or to enjoy anytime!