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Origin: Burgundy
Vintage: 2021
ABV: 15%
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We often find that wine is much more than the sum of the grape and terroirs but can be equally influenced by a passionate individual.

Philippe Goulley may have been the son of a winegrower in Chablis but when he got involved with the family wine growing business himself in 1986 he was still regarded as an upstart who was had a different philosophy and vision to his peers. In 1991 he created his own Domaine in parallel to the family estate but on this occasion he pursued an ambitious goal of establishing an organic vineyard and was the first certified organic Domaine in Chablis. Philippe was regarded as one of the true pioneers of the time as there were only a total of 12 organic Domaines in the whole of Burgundy.

Philippe passionately believes that organic farming is the only way to truly capture and express the special terroir of the Chablis vineyards in the wine. Initially dismissed by his peers, over time many of these same people have reluctantly come to appreciate that his methods get results. His wines are of outstanding quality and have garnered a loyal following world-wide which means that he rarely has any stock! When asked about the reason for their success he says “If our wines have acquired a good reputation, it is mainly thanks to their minerality, their purity and liveliness. Like the real Chablis of yesteryear”.

All of their plots benefit from living soils which have been certified organic for many years. The soils are left to rest from the beginning of July to the end of March and are then ploughed superficially in May / June in order to limit the risk of spring frost or later in the season to promote aeration of the grapes.

In the cellar all of the wines are vinified in stainless steel vats to highlight the terroirs and to achieve fresh, incisive wines. Long ageing in thermos regulated vats gives the wine power and character.. Real Chablis!

This wine is made up of a blend of several plots located on the best Chablis hillsides of the appellation. Mainly exposed to the east, possibly west, at an average altitude of around 150 to 170 meters above sea level. Limestone and stony soils provide power and strength, more clayey soils provide finesse and subtlety.

Eye: Beautiful light yellow tint

Nose: Very open with fresh citrus notes,

Palate: Lively, fleshy attack, with very nice notes of citrus, grapefruit.

Vinification: 6 to 12 months in stainless steel vats.

ABV 15%