Syrah Grenache

Les Peyrautins

Syrah Grenache

Origin: Lamguedoc Roussillon, France
Vintage: 2019
Volume: 750ml
ABV: 13%
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Les Peyrautins is a range of wines created according to our oldest traditions. This Syrah Grenache was imagined by our team of passionate winemakers. To make this range, our experts use modern technics to recreate the best of traditional French wine. The result, is a perfect combination of the new and old world, offering a typical wine that displays all the qualities and traditional aromas of the varietal. The grapes have been selected from vineyards nestled at the Black Mountain foothills, where the climate is cooler than on the Pays d’Oc lowland. It allowed our winemakers to create a fresh and fragrant wine.

This wine is a blend of 70% Syrah and 30% Grenache Noir. Glossy cherry red in colour, the nose abounds in aromas of strawberry and raspberry. A tasty and velvety mouthfeel precedes some liquorice on the finish.

Because the grapes are harvested at full ripeness, they are handled very carefully to protect the fruit from bruising and guarantee a smooth wine. They are then destemmed and divided into two sections. Most of the grapes are traditionally fermented on the skins for about ten days, adding structure to the wine. A small part goes through the modern process of flash-detente and hot skin contact maceration. The juices ferment at a low temperature in closed tanks, retaining the varieties’ fruity character. At the end of the winemaking process, both sections are blended together into a youthful and easy-drinking wine