Rosé Cote de Provence AOC

Chateau La Seigneurie

Rosé Cote de Provence AOC

Origin: Provence
Vintage: 2021
ABV: 13%
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When you hear the phrase Provence Rosé what comes to mind? We believe this is the one! 

An exquisite pink wine from the sunny South of France. This wine is known for its light and crisp character, with delicate aromas and flavours of fresh berries and a dry refreshing finish. The perfect wine to enjoy on a warm summer day, either on its own or paired with light, Mediterranean-inspired dishes like seafood, salads or grilled vegetables.

Chateau La Seigneurie has an extraordinary back story dating back to the First Century BC when the Romans saw the potential of the land for wine production. The estate has changed hands many times over the centuries and most recently was acquired by the Roquette family in 2006 who have made it their sole ambition to be at the forefront of Provence wines. Judging by the number of awards and accolades they have received it would appear they are very much on track.

Eye:  Beautiful clear pink colour

Nose: Expressive and elegant with a gourmet base of forest fruits, a little tangy candy.

Mouth: Fresh, fine and elegant expressing small tangy red fruits, pleasant length with a saline finish.


Bronze medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2023

Gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2016 and 2020

2 stars in the Hachette Guide 2008-2009

Le Point, special edition Wines of Provence, June 2008: 16/20

Bronze medal at the Concours Général de Brignoles 2007

Silver medal from Independent Winegrowers

ABV: 13%