French Film Festival


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We are proud of our continued association with the French Film Festival in Melbourne and hope that you have been enjoying this year’s programme.

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The L’Authentique range of French ciders are imported directly from Brittany and are made in accordance with the “methode traditionelle”. L’Authentique Brut is a classic dry French cider with the natural aroma of ripe apples.

Delicious notes of bittersweet apples upfront are followed by a balanced medium sweetness from the natural sugars of the apples and an exquisitely dry finish. The cider is a blend of 18 different cider apple varieties which fall into acidic, sweet, bitter, sweet-bitter and ‘complete’ apple categories.

L’Authentique ciders are made only using ‘cider apples’ many of which are exclusive to Northern France including: Dous Moën, Marie Ménard, Douce Coëtligne, Gros Bedan, Guillevic and Judeline. The apples are only collected once they have fallen off the tree as only then are they mature enough for pressing.

‘Better for You’

L’Authentique French ciders enjoy a slow, natural fermentation which allows the apple aromas to fully release and have lower calories as they rely purely on the natural sweetness from the apples.

All of the L’Authentique range of ciders are vegan, gluten free, contain no added water, no added yeast, no added sugar and fit perfectly into the ‘Better for You’ category.

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Bon Chance!