Bordeaux and Beyond

The team at Bordeaux and Beyond focus on bringing in small pallet lots of Estate/Chateau wines so that you can get genuine wines at affordable prices in Australia.

We are a Melbourne based company but also have access to cellars in France and have strong connections with a lot of French wine estates. This enables Bordeaux and Beyond to bring you very drinkable, interesting and edgy wines made by the viticulturist and vigneron. Most are from smaller family owned estates producing outstanding wines with unique personality but still characteristic of their region and terroir.

The Bordeaux and Beyond team of experienced winemakers and critics is able to source and select wines which are often only available locally to where they are produced.

The driving force behind the company Richard Serisier has a long wine history and has been importing quality French wines into Australia since 2007 where they have been made available to some leading French restaurants and independent wine shops.  Now with the launch of Bordeaux and Beyond he has made a greater range of quality French wines available 'online' and accessible to all… making them just as affordable and accessible to Australians as the local quality Australian ‘gems'.

Richard's family have been associated with the wine trade since the 18th century in both France and Australia. His family started one of the first vineyards in Australia in 1868, known as ‘Eumalga Vineyard’, just outside Dubbo, and the wines were regular medal winners at wine shows. The family went on to be involved in winemaking in other parts of Australia including Queensland and Western Australia.

Richard Serisier

"I have what is, I think, the last remaining bottle of wine made by my great-great grandfather, Jean Emile, at his Eumalga Vineyard” said Richard. “It's a riesling from 1876, and is curiously labelled as 'Reisling' which seems to be a not uncommon spelling from those times. It was also interesting to read how back in the 1870's my ancestor's attempts to make a light red wine, more suitable to French taste than English taste, were not appreciated…and he quickly moved to making more full bodied reds which were much more appreciated by the English!"

Richard is a lover of wines, but French wine is of particular interest.

"There are many excellent wines made from different grapes from different regions all over the world."

"To my way of thinking the wine experience is to explore and extend one's appreciation of wine. It's to bring the taste and flavours of a particular wine to perfectly match the food that you're eating, wherever the wine is from and whatever the dish you're enjoying. The French have been very good at this for hundreds of years."

For Richard, Bordeaux and Beyond blends his Australian and French experiences and allows him to select some excellent quality and value wines from France and Spain for those wine lovers in Australia looking for new experiences. 

"Winemaking in France has been evolving for over 2,000 years and the vignerons knowledge of their vines and individual terroirs has developed and improved as they have passed from generation to generation. With over 110,000 vineyards and an average size of 8ha the diversity of French wines is truly astonishing."

"I hope I can help you on your own journey through these wines by making some of the best value available on my website."

Richard Serisier