Bordeaux and Beyond Australia - French Small Estate Wines - Don't be fooled by discounts

Don’t be fooled by wine discounts -Small Estate Wines can deliver much better value.

Bordeaux and Beyond Australia - Grape Picking

Wine critics over the years have pointed out that small estates can sometimes out-perform wines that cost 3 to 4 times as much. Why is that? A good location and proper matching of the grape types to the soil and local micro-climate are critical. Then the turning factor is the passion and detailed care that can be put into tending vines on a small plot. Better fruit will give better wine every time. At Bordeaux and Beyond we understand that and our local knowledge and on the ground expert tasters select small estate wines from France that are interesting and deliver value in spades. A $25 wine outperforming a $100 wine - and you thought a 50% discount on wine that wasn't cutting it at the higher price point was good value!

Time to join in with the smart crowd.


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