A Bit of Summer Fun Can Get Serious

With some food critics looking for serious wines with structure and age worthiness that don’t over-power the delicate flavours they seek, dry rosés are on the rise. It is even being paired with aged wagu beef where the chef wants to highlight its more subtle flavours. Dry rosé is defined as rosé with less than 4g/l of residual sugar so these wines have sugar levels similar to the average Barossa Shiraz but the flavours are delicate, true, persistent and not over-powering. Serious rosé is also a great way to explore the characteristics of a particular grape or terroir.

Interestingly wines from Provence, France, recently took out the top 3 places in the premium bracket of the Drinks Business Global Rosé Masters 2014 and the judges descriptions show just how serious and delicate these wines are “slightly oaken, taut and youthful”; “lovely texture, nuanced aromatics and depth of flavour,” while “maintaining its freshness and playfulness”; “glossy, salty, soft, lively yet subtle,” with flavours of “pears and citrus, pineapple and wild strawberries”

We have a few rosés of this style for you to consider for your next dinner party if highlighting delicate flavours is your aim.

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