Rosé IGP Méditerranée

Du Kif

Rosé IGP Méditerranée

Origin: Provence
Volume: 750ml
ABV: 12.5%
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A beautiful pale Rosé wine from the birthplace of Rosé wine.

A fruity nose with perfume and lightness: the Mediterranean spirit with freshness as a Bonus. Flavours of fresh fruits, red fruits mixed with stone fruits. There are also some notes of  exotic fruits that add to the personality of this wine. The palate is light, greedy and always  fresh.

A wine that holds its own without a gastronomic partner. Fresh and fruity served as an  aperitif drink, but revealed in full with savoury cakes, terrines and hummus or aubergine  caviar toasts. Du (grand) kif !

Grenache noir, Cinsault, Syrah, Merlot

ABV 12.5%